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May 09, 2008


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Susan B

Robin, I'm so pleased to see you have started a blog!! As soon as I've finished Sleight of Hand, I'm going to write a review and post it on my review blog - www.reviewsfrominnisfree.blogspot.com. Will let you know when that happens!

Christine Koehler

Robin, what a great blog! Finally got Sleight of Hand, and I'm waiting for a long weekend to delve into it. I'll check back often.

Kitty Lutness

Dear Robin,
Thanks for sending me a postcard about Sleight of Hand. I just went to your blog for the first time, and I'm so pleasedd to hear about the bookstore in Mechanicsburg. We lived in Mechanicsburg for many years, on Coover St. Memories!
Kitty Lutness

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